Independence Trust

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We're all about you

We provide a range of services that'll support you in strengthening your emotional and physical wellbeing. We offer to support you to fulfil your potential and offer assistance in a variety of settings, including your home, or other places you feel comfortable. Our support is tailored to meet your own needs, this includes;

  • Healthy living
  • Weight management & exercise
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Housing support services
  • Help with getting back into work 

Just giving

We're a non profit making organisation, ever extra penny goes into improving the lives of people in our communities. Fundraising can be fun and every penny really does matter, if you'd like to donate or take part in fundraising activities we're part of Just Giving;

Who we are

We're a non-profit making organisation promoting better attitudes to mental and physical health health across the UK. We're part of the Herefordshire Housing Group. For more information about the group and our commitment to total wellbeing click here