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Weavers Garden Project 

Independence Trust with support from the 2gether NHS Foundation Trust have set up a community gardening group and Craft Group at Weavers Croft, Stroud.

Benefits to Community

The projects provide purposeful and meaningful activity for individuals.  The time spent is an opportunity to develop both social and practical skills.  This is crucial for people who are building confidence and also provides a sense of real achievement when reaching goals.  The projects are the beginnings of a journey into learning, gaining and sharing knowledge. 

One client described the project in this way:  ‘a way of being with nature which is very healing, working the land as a team  This fulfils many needs I have as someone with a mental illness’.

How can you support this community venture?

There are two ways of supporting this project.

Donate resources, such as tools, gardening equipment, woodworking materials etc
Donation of a monetary value to the Independence Trust.

Any donation you can offer would make a real contribution to the success of this project and in turn the wider community.

 If you would like further information regarding these projects or would like to visit us call 01453 767999


Weavers Garden Crafts

This is a quiet, tranquil space where our group creates garden crafts.  You will have the opportunity to make Bee Hotels, Bird Box's Decorative Pots or just potter in the garden.

Lovely Feedback from our Work Experience Student Ellie!

In June we had a lovely student from the High School for Girls in Gloucester spend the week with the Gloucester team.  She sent us the following email. 

"I am just emailing to say thank you to you and the rest of the team for a lovely week at work experience. It was very useful and it has definitely confirmed to me that this is the sort of career I would like.

I apologise for the delay in the email, I have been very busy with school work. However, thank you for the opportunity, I have immense appreciation."

Exciting New Project for Young People in Cheltenham

Caroline Mander from the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham is going to be runnning a project in Jan 2018 at The Isbourne centre.  It is a new choir for young people (under 25 ) who suffer from anxiety or depression (or anything that makes life feel especially hard at times!)

Please tell your young friends who may be interested and message Caroline for more information.  There will be a one off session on Nov 14th from 2-3pm for people to come along find out more .

Please e mail for more information 



We have been invited for the second year running to exhibit at Nature in Art, Gloucestershire. We are exploring the therapeutic relationship between creativity and mental health. Art has been an important factor to our recovery, and this exhibition shows the broad scope of people’s skills as well giving an insight to what has been beneficial to our mental wellbeing. Many of us had never thought of ourselves as artistic though with gentle and supportive tutors we have found art being the one place where the mind can rest and be totally consumed in creating.  Used as a go to place when things get tough and the feeling of despair is overwhelming, art is like a switch for the mind where you can immerse yourself - a cool tranquil place of respite.   Please come and visit our exhibition.


5 Ways To Well Being Recovery Group--- Winchcombe Encounter Church

The group was set up by Independence Trust in conjunction with Winchcombe Encounter Church, and the GEM Help Back to Work Project, based at Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury. It was believed there was sufficient demand to run such a group because IT had been working for over a year in Winchcombe and had identified it as a place where mental health services had been neglected because of its apparent affluence and its rurality.

The group met in the Encounter Church which is based in the heart of the community and offers over 14 different services under its roof based on a Christian ethos.The church has been very supportive providing a member of staff for every session.As you would expect from any group people came from all over the local  community and had in common a mental health recovery journey.

We had nine people from all walks of life, two of whom were supported in each session, and where  the 5 Ways to Well Being philosophy worked  because it can cross over all types of society and cover everyone`s journey of recovery.

Now there is a plan to take this group into a Peer led group under the support of Independence Trust, and open it to more local  people in the future who can then benefit from a support group based on the model of 5 ways to Well Being.