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Peer Training

At Independence Trust, Peer Training is designed to help you to become more confident in your role as a Peer Support Volunteer. The facilitator will work with you to co-create the content within sessions but there are some topics that it is important for any Peer Support Volunteer to consider. For this reason all Peer Support Volunteers are expected to attend the mandatory training.

Peer Support training will include the following topics:

  1.        Recovery Models, Recovery Stories and how recovery relates to Peer Support.
  2.        Ethics and Best Practice Guidelines for Peer Support.
  3.        Being with others and Listening Skills.
  4.        Reflective and Critical Practice.
  5.        Basic First Aid Training (with British Red Cross)
  6.        Self-Care and looking after ourselves as Peer Volunteers.
  7.        Boundaries and Confidentiality.
  8.        Safeguarding & Introduction to E-Learning.
  9.        Mental Health First Aid.

In addition to the mandatory training there will also be additional training sessions that are optional for Peer Volunteers to attend. These additional sessions will be delivered by a mixture of Peer Volunteers, Peer Workers, Independence Trust Training and Development staff or by other specialist workers from different organisations. You decide upon the topics at these additional and optional extra training sessions, you work with us to co-produce the ongoing training schedule.

In addition to this Peer Support training all Peer Volunteers also have access to all of the many e-learning courses that are available to Independence Trust staff.  As a Peer Volunteer you can also choose to train alongside staff on any of the in house Independence Trust training courses that staff are currently able to attend.

In addition to this training Peer volunteers also receive regular supervision and support in meetings (with Peer Workers and other Peer Volunteers) to plan how they want to develop their roles, their groups or how they want to be ‘helped to help others’. These meetings are an opportunity to talk about any issues, concerns or successes that Peer Volunteers have come across in their challenging and rewarding role.

The Independence Trust Peer Development Team can also help you to design and deliver bespoke Peer Support training for your staff, volunteers or clients.  We can also provide workshops and talks on subjects related to Recovery and Peer Support.

If you would like to volunteer for us you can fill out the application form here, or if you would like to register for the training then you can complete the form here.  For an informal chat about any of this then please contact:

Simon Price

Peer Coordinator

07718051368 / (01452) 317460