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We are a person centred organisation promoting positive Mental Health and Wellbeing. What this means is the service can be individually tailored to help support you to build on your strengths and to make positive change. You can achieve this by exploring opportunities to develop and learn new skills, by sharing your existing skills with others, joining in with existing activities or just accessing some space where you can feel safe and be with other people who have had similar experiences. You will be given space to talk and be listened to and to build new friendships with people who have similar interests.

The service is open to adults (18+) living in the County of Gloucestershire and those making transition from young peoples to adult services.  We are here to support those who are experiencing Mental Ill Health and those with higher functioning Autistic Spectrum Condition. This includes:  Anxiety, Depression,  Psychosis, Bipolar, Personality Disorder. We also work with people experiencing Social Isolation, lack of motivation or difficulty coping with the stress and pressures of everyday life. (This is not an exhaustive list).

Our community based services are provided by a dedicated team of colleagues working across the county.


You will hear this phrase used a lot in our organisation.  So, what does it mean for us at Independence Trust?

Well, it means engaging in a meaningful way with individuals and groups within the Wellbeing service. We are still learning about co-production and we have learnt that it is not for everyone.

As a service, we want to work with you and together enjoy working toward the achievement of goals.

We have adopted (and adapted) the following key principles:

  • Taking an assets based approach (to people and communities). This means that together we will build a picture of the activities and groups of interest in your local area
  • Building on people's capabilities, aspirations and ambitions. we believe that everyone has skills and talents that can be used and built upon whether at this point they are recognised or not.
  • Reciprocity and mutuality. We have respect for one another and acknowledge that together we have much to learn from one another.
  • Peer Support Network. We recognise that support for one another can be very beneficial and being in an environment were we receive mutual support can help us in our recovery.
  • Blending distinctions. There is not a 'them and us' we are in this together.
  • Facilitating rather than delivery; provision rather than services.

Co-Production in Action

We will listen to our clients, that's how most of our activities happen.

At our Wellbeing Hub in Stroud, a number of clients expressed an interest in finding somewhere were they could occasionally get together and share a meal.

Through the grapevine, they heard that local charity Open House, were setting up a Community Kitchen on the High Street. After discussions, the clients decided to get involved. Over time, the cafe has evolved and is made up of people who need a place they feel at ease in. There are now about 15 clients involved who buy the food, do the prep, cook and eat the food together and then tidy up afterwards.

The Community Cafe has now become a more community focused space, giving people the opportunity to engage with others outside of the Wellbeing Hub.