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Peer Support

We can offer autistic adults Peer Support by phone, email, online chat, or in person. 

Peer Support is provided by an experienced volunteer who is autistic, or a member of staff who is autistic, i.e. someone who has an understanding of Autism from personal experience in their own life.  

Peer Support can take place by phone, email or online chat, or face-to-face at a drop-in or group, or somewhere else out in the community, e.g. by meeting at a cafe or in a park for a one-to-one chat. 

Here are some examples of issues that Peer Support could help with:

  • understanding or filling in official forms and applications
  • help to understand online information or leaflets
  • support to communicate with other services such as health, education, and employment
  • exposure work - support to gradually build up confidence with activities which the person finds difficult, e.g. going out, travel, social situations
  • help with looking at options in the community
  • help to attend CASA drop-ins or groups
  • help with understanding triggers and coping strategies
  • help with finding and understanding autism resources
  • any other issues related to living with autism - the items above are just some common examples, not a complete list!

How to arrange Peer Support

If you'd like Peer Support, you could ask at one of our regular Drop-Ins, or contact us via the Contact page.

Peer Support is a great way of getting help with issues that can be addressed fairly quickly and informally.  For more extended or in depth help, see our One-to-One Support page.

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