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Sarah - Testimonial

Well I couldn’t believe the difference the anxiety management course made to me. I got lots of techniques that I have used at home and it has worked. I am a lot less anxious now.

John - Testimonial

I have a better understanding of the triggers that make me anxious and know what to do before it takes hold.

Matty - Testimonial

Bridge Building has helped me to focus on what’s important and helped me to get involved in things I want to do. It has taken time but my worker has had real patience. Theprogramme has supported me to get involved in a local gym and I do a little volunteering. Iam hoping to go to college to study a computer course.

Jenny - Testimonial

I was feeling lost and didn’t know where to turn. I felt like I had no hope for the future. I came to Independence Trust not knowing what to expect. I was supported to get back ‘ontrack’. I have been helped so much and am grateful to have my life back.

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Property Exit Sensor

As 40% of people with dementia are prone to walking about, this sensor specifically monitors for people leaving a building at unusual times of day or night. It can also detect if a main exit door has been left open and can be linked to external lighting to provide added protection.

Bogus Caller Button

Fixed near the door, this button will provide reassurance in the event of an unexpected caller.

Bed Occupancy Sensor

Provides an early warning by alerting that the user has left their bed or chair and not returned within a pre-set time period, indicating a potential fall. The sensor can also be programmed to switch on lights, helping people find their way to and from bed easily.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Warns of dangerous CO levels which otherwise could go undetected, providing unrivalled levels of accuracy and reliability.

Temperature Extremes Detector

Monitors for low and high temperature extremes in addition to rate of   rise of temperature. Helps minimise the risks associated with changes in temperature including the build-up of heat in a kitchen and the risk of sustained periods of cold weather.